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The Bulgarian town of Plovdiv is situated along the two banks of the river Maritza with its slow water, and also on a number of picturesque hills (called 'tepe' by the local people) that are part of the town's charm and beauty.

Plovdiv is located in the Southern/Central part of Bulgaria. Being the second largest city in the country, it has a population of 350'000. There is a kind of magic in Plovdiv in all seasons. The town is always unique and fascinating. In the winter it is fabuously white; in the spring it is covered with green and flowers, in the summer it is almost unreal in the ghastly heat of Thracia, in the autumn it is calm and placid, with ripe figs and sweet grapes dropping into soft foliage... Plovdiv can hardly be described in simple words... One should see it and feel its unique atmosphere in order to understand it.

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